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So you had a little fun night last night huh?  A little make-out session on the couch perhaps?  Now you have a massive hickey on your neck, and it's panic time right?  You're thinking...How to Get Rid of a Hickey?  Not only that but How to get rid of a hickey fast!

Let me start of by telling you that Hickeys are impossible to get rid of.  When it comes down to it, you have a big ol' bruse on your neck right now.  Don't worry, we've been in your situation before, and we've researched some of the best ways to make that Hickey go away fast. 

Right now we're going to show you How to Get Rid of a Hickey.  We're going to teach you some of the oldest tricks in the book on Hickey removal, and some cool new organic ways to Get Rid of a Hickey asap.   We're going to show you how to get rid of a hickey fast. 

1) Apply Ice - And Do it Right Away - How to get rid of a hickey (FIRST STEPS)

Like we said, you have a honk'n big bruse on your neck.  So....treat it like any other bruse.  Grab a towel (cloth or paper) and ice your neck and hickey  for a good 10-15 minutes.  The ice is going to slow down the swelling and the blood vessels from constricting further.  Continue to ice the area a few more times.  This is definately your first step for getting rid of a hickey.
2) Massage The Hickey - Be Gentle - How to get rid of a hickey (DAY TWO)

Directly massaging the hickey will help to get rid of the hickey.  Just like ice, treat this like any other bruse.  Massing the hickey helps to spread out he blod clots (which makes it look so darn bad)  By gently massaging the hickey (with something smooth and round) it will help to push and press back the blood clots outwards and eventually back into its place.  Make sure you do this gently as you don't want to bruse it even more.
3) Apply Heat to the Hickey - A Spa Day! - How to get rid of a hickey (DAY TWO)

Applying heat to the hickey works wonders.  The problem with this one is you have to wait.  You do not want to do this right away when the hickey is fresh.  You will want to ice the hickey first.  Applying heat to the hickey helps the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) to open back up and stop constricting.  When the capillaries open back up, fresh blood can enter the area. When fresh blood enters the area, the healing really starts. 

The best thing to use is a soft face cloth or towel.  Soak the towel in hot water (be careful not to burn yourself)  Don't be silly and use boiling water, just get the temperature so you and your neck can handle it.  Continue to soak the towel and apply slight pressure to the area for about 10 minutes.  This is like a spa day for your hickey!
Guthy-Renker LLC
Guthy-Renker LLC

4) Is the Hickey Painful?  Take Something - How to get rid of a hickey (DAY TWO)

If you're reading this part, you really had some fun, and you should consider telling your partner to stop giving your hickeys.  If you are in pain (remeber, this is a bruse) then take something for it.  We are not doctors, but you should consider taking what you normally take for pain such as Tylenol which contains acetaminophen.  Acetominophen helps to dull the pain.  You should always revert to ice first!  Take something for the pain a few days after the hickey occurs. How to get rid of a hickey for you serious folk.
5) Aloe Vera - An Organic Bonus - How to get rid of a hickey (FIRST STEPS)

Aloe Vera is great for the skin, and for hickeys.  This is going to act a more of a soother and a little bonus to get rid of a hickey.  It simply acts as a great soothing action for your skin.  This can be applied throughout the entire process.  You would want to do this right away too to help with the pain.  You can buy alo vera gel at almost any drugstore, or if you're lucky, you have access to the real thing!  Aloe vera is full of vitamin K.  Aloe is a great way to get rid of a hickey.
6) Vitamin K - Apply it and Eat it! - How to get rid of a hickey (FIRST STEPS)
Just like Aloe Vera, you can apply Vitamin K cream to your hickey.  Vitamin K will help to bring blood back to the area.  You can also up your intake of Vitamin K over the next couple of days.   Be like popeye and eat lots of spinach.  You can also eat Vitamin K full greens like green cabage, broccoli, tomatoes and leaves like swiss chard and turnip chard.  This is of course if you are in bad shape, with a really bad hickey.  This method is just a little bonus.
7) A Hot Tea Bag Compress - How to get rid of a hickey (DAY TWO AND THREE)

Just like a hot towel or cloth, a hot tea bag is a second or third day technique to help bring the blood back to the area. 
8) Make it Look Like Something Else! - How to get rid of a hickey (ANYTIME)

Think on this one....what can you make your hikcey look like?  Do you play sports?  Maybe it was a sports injury!  Does it have a shape that might mke the hickey look like something else?
9) Scrape the Hickey - A Coin or Toothbrush  - How to get rid of a hickey (DAY TWO)

The Coin Method: This one might hurt!  You can use a coin to actually spread the hickey out!'s how you do it.  Stretch the skin out nice and flat.  You need to literally pull the hickey apart and then scrape the edge of the coin along the hickey quite hard.  You are going to be pushing the blood outward, out o the surface of the skin.  Don't do it so hard that you break the skin, but do apply some good pressure.

The Toothbrush Method: Same idea here.  Scrape the hickey with a stiff toothbush and it will bring blood back to the area.  You might want to try both of these the next day, or even two days later.

If All Else Fails?...Time to Cover the Hickey Up (you might want to do this anyways)

For the Girls - You're lucky!  You have make-up.  Make-up is key!  Use cover up, scarves, turtle necks, trendy wraps, jackets whatever you can get your hands on to hide a hickey.

For the Guys - You're not so lucky!  You might not have access to makeup, but if you can get your hands on some....USE IT!  Don't get yourself in trouble just because you don't want to wear a little cover up.  Get a friend, or your sister to put it on.  If you're hiding it from your parents, and you don't have a sister...find some of your moms coverup or foundation.  This will be a beige colored liquid or power that looks like a skin tone.  Grab a tissue and carefully blot some right ontop of the hickey.  Make sure you blend it in so it looks like your own skin.  And of course don't get yourself into this mess next time!

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